International Exchange

Acceptance of International Students

As of May 2006 there were 76 international students studying in the Nagoya University School of Economics and Graduate School. They were 15 undergraduates, 27 students in the master’s course, 20 in the doctoral course, 6 research students, and 8 students in the Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE). Fifty-six of these students, or about 70 percent, were privately funded. They were from 17 countries, and their cultural backgrounds, ages, and histories were diverse. The School of Economics appointed international student counselors to provide these students with better support in their time at the university. An Academic International Committee has also been established among the faculty for the development of a more complete system

International Student Education

In the School of Economics and Graduate School, classes are basically conducted in Japanese. Thus, students need high level language ability. Japanese language training courses are available at the Foreign Student Center, but the special terminology needed to study economics is acquired through the daily efforts of each person. In lectures and faculty advisor seminars Japanese and international students study together, and we hope international students will take advantage of this opportunity to speak actively with other students, ask about study methods and exchange opinions. The more opportunities foreign students have to speak Japanese, and the more Japanese friends they have, the better their Japanese will become.
We should note that in the last academic year 11 foreign students were awarded master’s degrees and 6 were awarded doctorates.

Support for International Students

Anyone living in a foreign country has many expectations and anxieties. In the School of Economics we have established International Student Consulting Room where international students can consult with a faculty member who specializes in such problems. International students can seek help with matters ranging from life in Japan and study at the university to health and personal problems. We recommend that students stop in regularly at the International Student Consulting Room, rather than waiting until after a problem has become serious. The reason is that anxieties or troubles with life in Japan can come to light during regular pleasant conversation. This helps people to find out what problems need to be worked on. Even if a problem is something that we cannot deal with at the Consulting Room, it helps to relieve stress by talking about it. At Nagoya University such international student consultation systems are organized at every level, and an inter-departmental network of counselors has been developed. The system is well regarded even by other universities. In addition, television programs in many languages can be viewed in the Central Library to unwind from the fatigue of study.

Community Exchanges International Students

Another factor in making one’s experience as a international student meaningful is exchange with the local community. At Nagoya University, staff members and community volunteers operate a “Global Family Program” to introduce international students to host families. Many international students have developed friendships or parent-child-like affection with their hosts, and these relationships become a source of mental support. International students also participate in events of the International Student Support Association and International Student Association, the University Festival. As international understanding education volunteers, they are wonderfully active as “civilian diplomats” introducing the food, music, and dance of their home country.
These activities are chances for people to experience one another’s cultures, and are good opportunities to see international students in their finest form. We hope that more and more international students and Japanese will participate, and laugh together as they cross over barriers between them.

International Student Consulting Room

School of Economics at Nagoya University has an advising office for international students to support the enrolled students and those who wish to be enrolled in the School as a research student. At the International Student Consulting Room, an international student advisor and two staffs are available to give advice and support to current international students with problems arising in their studies and daily life; and also provide the information to prospective students who are interested in studying at School of Economics as a research student. During walk-in hours, international students can meet with the advisors on a “first-come, first-served” basis. However, there are times when the advisors are absent, so it is recommended that students make scheduled appointments by e-mail or telephone to meet with an advisor, especially for more complex issues and questions. Also, please make appointments a few days in advance. The counseling service protects your privacy and observes the confidentiality of information strictly. Please consult us at ease!

Office Hour

Monday – Friday , 10:00 – 16:00


International Student Consulting Room #320
School of Economics, Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601, Japan
TEL/FAX: 81-(0)52-789-5957

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