MEXT Scholarship Applicants



-To MEXT scholarship applicants who passed as the preliminary candidate-

In order to apply for a MEXT scholarship student at the graduate program of School of economics, Nagoya University, you should have passed the preliminary selection by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country.


The International Affairs committee, I.A.C., of the School of Economics at Nagoya University, request you to submit some documents in order to assess the possibility of accepting you in our institution. On condition that I.A.C. consider you to be acceptable as the result of a screening, we will send you ” Letter of acceptance” duly signed by a professor who supervises your research works.

Qualifications for Admission

The following conditions are the qualifications:

For the research student leading to the Master course

Having graduated from a university with the Bachelor degree in the field of Economics or its equivalent. If you are a graduate of non-economics, having acquired more than 40 credits in the field of Economics and obtained the Bachelor degree are necessary.

For the research student leading to the Doctoral course

Having completed the Master course and obtained the Master degree in the field of Economics or its equivalent. In case you do not have the above prerequisites, you are unable to apply for admission as a research student. I recommend you to explore possibilities of other universities.

Required Application Documents

I.A.C. needs sufficient information about you. The following 7 documents are necessary to assess the possibility of accepting you in our school. Send the required documents to the International Student Consulting Room of the Graduate School of Economics by E-mail or airmail (EMS/DHL). Translations are required for all documents if they are not in Japanese or English.

1) Application 1 (Graduate School of Economics provided)

Fill out the blank on a prescribe form  [PDF]/[MS-Word]

2) Application 2

A photocopy like PDF of “Application for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship” that you submitted to a Japanese Embassy.

3) Research Proposal

A photocopy like PDF of “Field of Study and Study Program” that you submitted to a Japanese Embassy.

4) Official Certificates of Degree and Graduation

A photocopy like PDF that you submitted to a Japanese Embassy.

5) Official Academic Record (Transcript)

A photocopy like PDF that you submitted to a Japanese Embassy.

*4) and 5) If you are an applicant for the research student leading to the Doctoral course, your certifications of bachelor degree and also Master degree are required.

6) Letter of Recommendation

A photocopy like PDF of “Monbukagakusho: MEXT Scholarship Recommendation Form” that you submitted to a Japanese Embassy.

7) Certificate of the preliminary selection (copy available)

It is issued by the Japanese Embassy you have applied.

Submission Deadline

The complete set application documents must reach us no later than a perticular day in August (For example in 2019: August 23) without fail.

Note: It usually takes about a month for the I.A.C. assessment after we received all the necessary documents.

Japanese Proficiency

As most lectures of the School of Economics are conducted in Japanese, the applicants are required to have a high-level Japanese proficiency. A good knowledge of Japanese is also required not only to pass the entrance examination of the Graduate School but also to write essays and to carry out research work in the university.

Information for entrance examination of Graduate school of Economics

The entrance examination of graduate program is held once a year in the end of January or the beginning of February. The examination for the master course has two subjects, a writing test on the economic field and a foreign language test. As for the foreign language test, a document that certifies your English proficiency such as official score of TOEFL-iBT, TOEIC and IELTS is made use of the examination. The examination for the doctoral course has the same kind of foreign language test and the evaluation of thesis in your academic field.

Graduate Program/Degrees

The school of Economics is composed of two major courses: Socioeconomic Systems and Industry Management Systems. The doctoral course is divided into a first period (2 years) and second period (3 years). In the first period students write a master’s thesis based on the results of their research, and are awarded a Master’s Degree (School of Economics) if they pass their degree examination. The second period covers three years, and students complete a doctoral thesis. Those who pass the degree examination are awarded a Doctorate (School of Economics).

Mailing Address

The required documents should be addressed to the following:

TEL/FAX: 81-(0)52-789-5957